About Us

"I love seeing how my lampshades look in lamplight"

With a lifetime's interest in nature and craft, Olive has combined both to create inspirational and uplifting designs to add warmth to any room. Wanting to work for herself for many years, Olive launched her business in Summer 2013, slowly building her range of designs, attending craft fairs, working with lamp makers, and stocking craft shops throughout Ireland.

"my inspiration comes from the beautiful Cork countryside"

Living in Cork, she takes her inspiration from daily life, from the changing seasons, from the coastline and from holidays. Combining this with her graphic design training, she has created simple yet striking designs.

In 2014, she expanded her range, creating distinct collections, such as floral, contemporary, seascape and landscape collections, to provide focus and style to any home.

Not only does she create her own designs, but she takes pride in focusing on custom orders - made with the customer in mind. Olive has found a need for customers to get special orders, to match existing pieces, lamps, curtains, and other upholstery, which provides a challenge for her to create a complimentary piece.

In 2015, wanting to expand her collection into home furnishings, Olive is now handpainting her striking designs onto cotton cushions to great effect. These work wonderfully themselves, but work particularly well in unison with her lampshades.

Then in 2016, her range has expanded further, with a selection of her designs available in cards, suitable for birthdays, weddings and other occasions.

She has also added a Homeware and Tablelinen range printed on 100% linen. A selection of her designs are available in cushion covers using cream linen. Also in cream linen are her aprons and towels - available in the Fuchsia Designs. And finally, the fuchsia design inspired her to create an elegant white tablelinen range, including tablerunner, napkins and placemats.

Through 2016, she hopes to expand her range of printed linen products.